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October 30th, 2007

03:53 pm - People Are Stupid.
Hello. I am Katt, and this is my first post.

I work in a sci-fi/fantasy bookstore, so I deal with nerds and geeks on a regular basis. What I'm not used to dealing with is idiots. However, I still get the occasional "Do you sell self-help books" comment, or the odd person asking for directions. This was such an occasion.

Here is the actual transcript from an actual conversation I had with some random today at work:

Random: "Where is the ABC shop?"
Me: "Down the end, take the escalator up one level" *points*
Random: "where abouts?"
Me: "The end of the hall" *points again*
Random: "Which end?"
Me: "That end" *points again* "Take the escalator up one level. It's on the left."
Random "How many floors?"
Me: "One"
Random: "Just one?"
Me: "Yes."

Damn it, what is with the stupid? Was I not clear? Were my instructions somehow translated into a different language? The only way I could have made myself more clear would be to hold her hand and take her there myself.
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October 12th, 2007

11:36 am - warning: bring a crowbar to class
So I'm in my calculus class, a math class dealing with NUMBERS. Keep this in mind, it's important. One of the variables (the x) in the equation is the "annual income of a family in the 1920's". The conversation in class begins like this:
Prof.: So what did they make in the 1920's?
Girl: HATS!
Prof: Care to explain?
Girl: You know, they wore alot of hats back then. Top hats, caps, sun hats...ect, ect.

At this point I begin to re-read the question to assure myself I understood the question correctly.

Prof: Class, do you all agree?
Class: Yeah, thats a good answer.

I've lost it by now. I begin to think whether or not this is some huge joke.

Smarter Girl: while turning to the original girl He meant what kind of an income did they make
Girl: Oh

I notice that the news did not shock or embarrass her. It didn't even phase her . She sat back down and began to mind her own business.

The moral of the story: Any one can go to college. Even those who think "hats" is an appropriate variable to plug into a calculus equation.

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December 5th, 2006

06:47 am - DHL - The idiots of overnight delivery?
I came home Saturday to a DHL notice on my door saying that an attempted delivery was made and asking me to sign the notice to authorize them to leave the package outside my door. As I was considering what this package could possibly be, it took me a few minutes to realize that the courier did not take the package to the apartment manager's office like they should have. I wrote a note on the slip asking them to deliver to the manager's office on Monday. 

Yesterday afternoon I called the apartment manager to see if the package had been delivered. There was no package for me. I came home to the note still on my door. I tracked the package to discover that 2 "attempts" were made that afternoon, one of which was after I had come home. Completely confused now, I called DHL this morning and found out that the driver yesterday "couldn't find my apartment." I asked the operator why the driver didn't take the package to the apartment manager's office like any other delivery person would do at a large apartment complex. Of course, she had no clue. 

Supposedly, not only will the package be delivered today to the manager's office, but the driver will call me as well.

We'll see. In the meantime, there is a lost package out there with my name on it.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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November 11th, 2006

11:50 pm - New!!
Hello everyone!!
As subject says, am new to this community. Man i'm so happy to find a community I can vent to, because people's stupidity nowadays just make me so speechless. I don't claim to be extraordinarily smart myself, but there are sometimes common knowledge that people should just know, right?

And to make this post less pointless, i'll now insert a story...

One day on a train with a friend after a lecture (note: lecture was on fertility and the lecturer told us about a prisoner who had his sperm counted everyday for 2 years, even after he was apparently raped in jail):

Me: Man, I can't believe he continued the experiment after he was raped!
Friend: Yeah. Bue who was he raped by?
Me:... Huh? Well, probably a guard or fellow prisoner...
Friend: Are there female prisoners in there? I thought they were separated...
Me: ... Yeah they are.
Friend: ... Then it was a guard?
Me: Yeah, probably... (At this point, i should point out that I was slightly confused by her confusion.)
Friend: But... why would a female guard rape him?
Me: Um... I think the gurad was probably male... (Note at this point I was doing a couple of double takes inside.)
Friend: ... How does that work?
Me: ......

I eventually told her to look it up because i didn't want to explain to her the mechanisms of gay sex on a public train...

Note, would also appreciate someone telling me how to use LJcut... thanks!! and nice to meet you all!

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September 5th, 2006

09:16 am - tampering with a smoke alarm is a federal offence!
in big red lettering they state "NO SMOKING"

and then GIVE you an ashtray.

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August 31st, 2006

09:22 am - New here. Hi!
I'm new, and decided to post a little something from my journal... It's not much, but it made me think of this community, and thought you all might enjoy just a little. More or less, just a little ranting on the ignorance of spelling. Anyway, here ya go:

While driving yesterday, I noticed a local floral shop had put up a sign that read "Buy a romantic bokay" Ummmm... How sad is that when a floral shop can't even spell the word bouquet? I laughed my ass off. I mean, they didn't just slightly misspell the word... they fucking slaughtered it. "bokay"?????? WTF?

Along the same lines... when we went to Tampa the other day, all of the men's bathrooms in the parking garage were labeled "Gentlmen" instead of "Gentlemen" oops.... somebody fuckered up. Of course, Ybor city is mostly hispanic, so I wonder if someone who didn't necessarily speak english ordered the signs. But, ya gotta wonder if the people making the signs would call up the people ordering them and say... hey, are ya sure this is what you want?

*shakes head* Not that I'm some kind of spelling guru or anything, but man... you'd think they'd make sure everything looks right before they put it out in the public like that. It just makes the businesses look bad.

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August 25th, 2006

04:10 pm - I Need To Vent
Today the Adelphia internet people we suppose to come to activate the outlet in our guest room and turn off the one in the Living Room since we moved our computer. We had everything set up and ready to go, including a cable cord running from the outlet RIGHT NEXT TO THE COMPUTER to the modem. The guy just needed to turn the outlet on. The guy comes in, I show him the computer, he goes back out to his truck, I go downstairs with my baby daughter, he goes back upstairs by himself...moments later I hear drilling. I'm thinking "why is he drilling?" But I brush away my concerns cause I figured he knew what he was doing...what do I know about that stuff. He goes back to his car, I run upstairs to see what he drilled. I find a hole on the other side of the room. Now I"m kind of worried, but I figure I'll ask him when he comes back. I start reading a magazine while I wait. He's doing stuff outside our house. I'm not worried the last guy did that too when he set it up in our living room. About an hour passes... I'm REALLY worried now. I'm hoping he's not installing cable instead. It's definitely taking WAY longer than it should, not to mention what could he possibly need a new hole for. The other guy was only here for 10 minutes. He finally comes back in, and I comment how I didn't know so much went into turning on the cable line in the guest room. He said it was hard because our house is brick. I'm like ok whatever. We go upstairs, I watch him run a cable cord from the new hole ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM to our computer. He pulls out our modem, UNHOOKS the cable cord we ALREADY had in there, and hooks up the new line. The internet works again, but now we have a cord running across our floor...not attractive. I ask him, "should we just unhook the cord running from that outlet there (points to beside the computer) since it's hooked up from over there now (points to new hole in wall across room)? He looks at me and says, "uh oh...I didn't know you had one there already..."

HOW COULD HE NOT HAVE SEEN IT! IT'S RIGHT NEXT TO THE DAMN COMPUTER! HE LOOKED RIGHT AT IT! Not to mention he UNHOOKED the cord when he put the new one in!!! Do you not look around BEFORE you drill holes in people's houses!!!

I ask if it would be easy to just turn on the outlet and use that one instead so we don't have a cord running across the floor. He said he'd have to figure out where it came from, and that if I wanted to do that instead, I'd have to set up ANOTHER appointment and they'll send someone out.

OH PLUS...we had yet ANOTHER cable outlet by our bed on the wall where he drilled the hole!!! Now we have 3 in 1 room!!! It's not a big room at all!

GRRRRR...how irritating!
Current Mood: irritatedirritated

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June 19th, 2006

01:31 pm - crapple snapple
i went to the store by our work to buy a peach iced tea snapple.
just like every day.
the same azn man was working.
just like every day.
i get back to work and notice my snapple has black floaties. ew.

not my normal every day snapple!

So i go back, and ask to exchange it.  no big deal, so i thought.

me - *looks confused* *points out big black floaties*
me -  "snapple shouldn't have big black floaties."
(insert 2 minutes of argueing here) his side - floaties are normal - my side - floaties obviously not normal.
azn man - *acts pissed off* "I GIVE MONEY BACK*
me - "no thank-you, i'd rather just get a new snapple"
me - "can't i just exchange it"
azn man - "NO! MONEY!"
me -  *looks confused* "ookaayyy"
azn man - *gives money*
me - *takes money*
me - *walks to cooler and gets new  floatie free snapple*
me - *takes money and puts it back oncounter*
me - *shows both snapples to azn* " Do you see floaties in this one?" *points at new snapple*

azn - "humph" *puts hand up as to say "no more talking"

is it just me, or is that the WORST customer service ever?
talk about a moron....

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May 17th, 2006

10:29 am - Tim Hortons Hell
tim bunnie: Welcome to Mcdonalds, may I take your order?
me: what? this is tim hortons
tim bunnie: *silence*
me:  I'll have a french vanilla capichino with half black coffee
tim bunnie: that will be 1.75, please drive up

*10 minutes goes by*
*gets to work*
*opens coffee*


how hard is it to make a damn coffee.  I said "french vanilla capichino with half black coffee" .... HOW DO YOU TRANSLATE THAT INTO MOCHA!?!?

for one, i used ALOT more words then i would use if i was to order a mocha
secondly, she charged me for a french vanilla, NOT a mocha.

I could kill someone right now.

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May 16th, 2006

03:17 pm - Say Cheese, Idiot!
STATESBORO, Ga. (AP) — An east Georgia man landed in jail after photographing his healthy plants and going to local drug store to have the pictures developed.

His bumper crop was marijuana, according to police, who arrested him as he went to pick the photos up.

Statesboro Police Capt. L. C. Williams said Byron Charles Mattheeussen, 21, was charged Tuesday with manufacturing marijuana, manufacturing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a housing project, and possession of drug related objects.

Williams said a photo lab technician called police after seeing the subject of the photos. Officers confirmed the plants in the pictures were marijuana, he said.

After getting a search warrant, he said, police found 42 suspected marijuana plants growing in and around the residence, along with tools, literature on growing marijuana and pot-smoking paraphernalia.

Mattheeussen was taken to the Bulloch County Jail and issued an $8,000 property bond.

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