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August 31st, 2006

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09:22 am - New here. Hi!
I'm new, and decided to post a little something from my journal... It's not much, but it made me think of this community, and thought you all might enjoy just a little. More or less, just a little ranting on the ignorance of spelling. Anyway, here ya go:

While driving yesterday, I noticed a local floral shop had put up a sign that read "Buy a romantic bokay" Ummmm... How sad is that when a floral shop can't even spell the word bouquet? I laughed my ass off. I mean, they didn't just slightly misspell the word... they fucking slaughtered it. "bokay"?????? WTF?

Along the same lines... when we went to Tampa the other day, all of the men's bathrooms in the parking garage were labeled "Gentlmen" instead of "Gentlemen" oops.... somebody fuckered up. Of course, Ybor city is mostly hispanic, so I wonder if someone who didn't necessarily speak english ordered the signs. But, ya gotta wonder if the people making the signs would call up the people ordering them and say... hey, are ya sure this is what you want?

*shakes head* Not that I'm some kind of spelling guru or anything, but man... you'd think they'd make sure everything looks right before they put it out in the public like that. It just makes the businesses look bad.

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